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Why was Salman khan removed as Thumps up brand ambassador?

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Coca Cola dropped Salman Khan as brand ambassador for its soft drink ‘Thums Up’ after four years of association late Wednesday. The contract with the Bollywood star expired last month, and the company chose not to renew it

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Coca Cola: Salman is too old for the brand

The official explanation has it that salman is 50 year old and brand needed a younger face like ranveer to carry it around.but it’s an explanation that looks little silly.Salman is at his peak of his career with movies currently hitting close to 300 crore he has been working with brand for 4 years and his imagery fits the imagery that Thumbs up needs.So the age explaination looks a hard one to believe

Salman controversial comment on Pakistani artists

Salman is no stranger to controversy. He recently picked up another when he spoke up for Pakistani artists at a time when everyone chose to keep quiet, its possible that same must have irked the management to take a safe path like the amir khan controversy & deal cancellation with snapdeal.

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Real reason for  Salman not being brand ambassador anymore

What is said to be real reason is the actor participation in big boss season 10. “Appy fizz” promoted by rival brand parle is the presenting sponsor. Salman khan will have to mention the competitor multiple times during the show. Also in promotional shows like grand premiere  which happened recently “Appy fizz” will have to be repeated. This might not have gone well with the management & hence they might have pulled the curtains on the guise of a younger ranveer

What do you think is the real reason, do write in with your comments

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