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Pan bahar shocks with Pierce Brosnan

Pan bahar signed up with pierce brosnan as its new ambassador.The new ad campaign, that broke on Friday October 7, has become the talk of the town & led to lot of trolls on social media. One of the troll says “ Proof that recession is a reality”

Pan bahar shocks with Pierce Brosnan

Class never goes out of style – Pan Bahar. Pehchan Kamyabi Ki’ goes the copy. It’s also what Brosnan says at the end of the ad film. DDB Mudra has created this campaign; it falls under the ‘Pehchaan Kamyabi ki‘ umbrella thought. The TVC,  which Brosnan who plays an agent, of course  wields a dabba of Pan Bahar, like he would a deadly weapon.

As per  CEO Akhil Jain,”The  reactions were expected. People are shocked… it is a new kind of brand endorsement. It has shock value. After 15-20 days people will start accepting it, definitely. Criticism is coming from marketing gurus right now, because this is all a problem of perception – the perception that it is gutka (tobacco). We believe it will gain acceptance. This negative excitement will die off soon.”

Panbahar is looking to modernise our brand and fit it into the consumer’s lifestyle & it’s the same thought process that led to signing of pierce brosnan .Pierce brosnan is seen as stylish & thereby expected to add that to imagery of pan bahar. Pan masala as a category suffers from baggage of gutka players who have exited but the whole category still looks down market to many.The TG is 20 -30 corporate from SEC A & B in the hindi & eastern belt & that is what brand to trying to do with this new move.

However, the recent buzz states the Pan Bahar ad is getting banned from national and satellite television by none other than Central Board Of Film Certification Chief Pahlaj Nihalani.

Was it a right move by pan bahaar & did the ad do its job even though it may be banned. what do you think?

Do let me know your comments.

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