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Why your view of beauty may be wrong?

#MyBeautyMySay – A New Approach by Dove

Known for evoking emotions for its audience’s’ heartstrings, Dove have taken a more liberal approach for its latest campaign.
A social experiment where men are being hooked up to heart monitors, the video aims to highlight women’s real beauty.
It doesn’t though come in the form of Photoshop. When shown images of conventionally attractive women like those seen on the cover of a magazine, the men participating in the video evoke a cold and objective response.The same is being measured through the monitor attached to their heart

However, when they see images of the females in their own lives, they are unable to conceal their emotions of happiness, which are visualised through their quick heart rates on the monitor.
Whether it’s a wife’s open smile or a mother’s wrinkles or kid’s smile, this ad shows that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and not what mainstream media would have us believe.

Dove is a brand fascinated by the idea of perception. In 2013, its “Real beauty sketches” campaign explored the difference between how others perceive us and how we perceive ourselves.The #MyBeautyMySay campaign put power back in the hands of women as they stood up for their own beauty and owned the conversation around their appearance.
Interestingly, the brand’s latest spot created by Portuguese agency Black Ship, switches to the male gaze, sparking criticism from those who feel the campaign suggests a woman is only beautiful if a male holds this opinion of her.
Whichever interpretation you choose, the ad’s approach certainly opens up debate and may be one of the reasons it has clocked up over one million views during the first of its release on YouTube.its a new approach by dove where is trying to get into newer segments where it had not ventured into before

So how was the article,Has it changed your perception of beauty?

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