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Song to make your baby happy

Scientifically tested song to make your Baby Happy

Happy Song:song to make your Baby Happy


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BETC London has worked with musician Imogen Heap to create new concept of customised song for kids.This song for C&G Baby Club  is  the first composition scientifically tested that will make your baby happy.

The Happy Song , two-and-a-half minute jingle, features a bouncy major key melody, lyrics about the sky and the ocean, and various animal and vehicle noises.

Happy Song:Song to make your baby happy


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The song was created after research done with 1,000 parents revealed  what sounds  made their babies cheerful the most. The top results were sneezing (51%), animal sounds (23%) and baby laughter (28%). The parents were also encouraged to upload the sounds their little ones most enjoyed to the Club’s website.

These sounds along with previous research and hypotheses from Addyman and Stewart, were used  to produce four tracks that explored various tempos, chord patterns, pitches, rhythms and musical devices.

The Goldsmiths team and Felt Music then carried out a 3 month testing process at their infant laboratory, monitoring the reactions of more than 50 babies aged six to 24 months. After further rounds of tests, a final composition emerged.
Director Michael J. Ferns from Pretzel Films directed the music video, which shows self-captured footage from seven of the families involved in the process playing the song to their babies.

C&G Baby Club brand manager Louise Morley said: “Being able to identify what makes babies happy is part of our ongoing commitment to help mums and dads treasure and enjoy their children’s early years.

“This song has been designed for parents to use at home, in the car or out and about, in those moments when parents want to celebrate their little ones’ happiness. The song can be used to create a fun and rewarding bonding experience between baby and parent.”

BETC London executive creative director Rosie Bardales called the project a “testament to C&G Baby Club’s continued dedication to parent and baby happiness.”

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