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nayi soch

Your mother the real hero : #nayisoch

M S Dhoni, Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane salute their moms in new Star Plus campaign.#NayiSoch is name of the campaign .

Star Plus, the female-skewed general entertainment channel  of Star India, along with the Board for Control of Cricket in India has launched a  new brand initiative titled ‘Nayi Soch’. As part of this ,the channel unveiled a  new TV campaign on October 16 during the India-New Zealand ODI series, in which cricketing heroes play messengers of ‘Nayi Soch’.

India’s cricket icons Virat Kohli, M S Dhoni, and Ajinkya Rahane proudly wear their mothers’ names on their jersey, rather than their own names or even their surnames, admitting the fact that one’s identity is as strongly linked with the mother’s name as that of the father.

The campaign is constructed around real-life examples of the three cricketers, as well as their acceptance that what they are is largely due to the role played by their mothers.

Sanjay Gupta, MD, Star India, says, “Star Plus has been a lighthouse brand for women. We have always put women first, told their stories, and are now set to take it to the next level – by challenging orthodoxy and stereotypes that come in the way of progress for women.”

What do you feel about this campaign, is your mother the real hero ?        let me know?

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