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Chatbot to teach your kiddo brush teeth

Signal Pepsodent which is oral care brand of unilever, has developed a Facebook bot that encourages kids to brush their teeth


The new concept makes use of Facebook’s Bots on Messenger service and was created by R/GA London. Dubbed ‘Little Brush, Big Brush’, it gives access to a free 21-episode animations where parents and children are inspired to brush their teeth together and thereby cultivate good brushing habits for life. Little Brush, Big Brush is the story of a family which is taken to a magical realm inhibited by peculiar animal characters. To find their way back home, the family must complete regular brushing challenges and  thereby engagement with the brand is don

To get started, parents need  to visit Signal’s Facebook page  to sign up and press the ‘Message’ button to activate the chatbot.  Then they need to answer series of questions  & are invited to select the time of day when they want to watch the show episode.

Every episode of ‘Little Brush, Big Brush’ is done in different countries all over the world, with the experience customised to families based on their answers to the initial questions asked by the bot. Parents and kids get  the episode each evening on their phone and need to complete brushing challenges to unlock  rewards and move to the next episode.

The Project will start in Indonesia and Vietnam this month two of fastest growing  markets for signal pepsodent, and is part of Signal’s school initiative where education as a medium is used to empower more children to spread the message of oral health within their families and communities.

R/GA London was the brain behind the project including concept, strategy, branding, design and prototyping of the messenger bot. Anuj Rustagi, global brand director of Signal remarked “We are really proud of this fantastic piece of personalised communication, Research has shown that we can help to drive behavioral change with 21 episodes of these evening challenges, and that is something really meaningful.”

Since the chatbot service of Facebook Messenger launched in April, developers have created more than 11,000 robots, with brands like KLM, the Guardian and Domino’s all signing up.

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