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Kabali:the buzz marketing

Kabali: Buzz marketing like never before

Kabali: Buzz marketing like never before

No one generates the hysteria Thalaivaa generates and when his movie is releasing after 2 years with a mass avatar & him playing real life age the buzz is on an all time high.It’s trending very high on google trends india, twitter, & whole of social media.

It started with Airasia  landmark announcement of the tie up.First time in indian film industry an aircraft was named after a movie. It generated a huge buzz in the social media.A first day first show all paid trip from bangalore to Chennai was planned by airasia.The plane  with rajni image is already flying on domestic circuits & creating  brand equity for airasia amongst customers

Kabali:Buzz Marketing


Soon other brands joined in. Airtel launched kabali pack at Rs 5,caller tunes, special start-up kits, subscribers can send SMS-wishes for Rajinikanth and a compilation of these messages into a coffee table book for the actor, a van for film promotions

Cadbury  has flooded the place with some 18,000 Kabali-Cadbury cutouts. Bus panels on Tamil Nadu with  tagline `Superstar ka 5 star’ and ‘Superstar in 5 star’ along with  road shows near colleges, schools and popular malls

Amazon too has cashed in the Kabali fever with the sale of key chains, wax statue, posters, photographs and other memorabilia. What attracts Amazon to a south Indian film is its massive reach – dubbed versions in Chinese, Thai, Japan and Malaya.

‘Muthoot Fincorp’, has introduced Kabalisilver coins. It has put the kabali image  embossed on silver coins.

Kabali-The Buzz


Kabali Buzz:Startups Cashing On movie tickets for 23rd & 24th for shoppers

ThesocialpeopleRajinikanth themed costume party on 21st

Orangescape-holiday & tickets for employees

Faintain Sports-Analytic engine to capture kabali sentiment

GoBumpr-social media campaign to ‘Kabali fy your vehicle’

Coveritup-Sold out on Kabali T-shirts

Filimify –Launched content service on trailer launch & also selling First day first show T-shirts


Needless to say, brands have been quick to capitalise on the demands of an eager market by promoting their products in association with the much-awaited film.

The overall movie prerelease numbers are stacked as below which shows that the buzz has worked well in its favour

kabali-Pre release Buzz
Kabali-200 Crore before release

Some companies in bangalore have given employees off on day of release to encash the  opportunity to make some positive employee PR.

As per Trade reports movie will be one of biggest earners in indian movie industry.We need to wait to find  that out ,but as of now pre relase buzz has stacked up numbers in favour of thalaivaa & set new benchmarks for buzz marketing










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