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Drink Beer !!! Save the World!!!

Yes you heard it right ……

This is not a can contribute to saving the world by drinking beer…..

How Drinking beer can help

A new zeland petroleum company has come up with novel idea of saving the planet from pollution caused by petroleum products. This is through a new type of biofuel called Bretroleum,which is made from brewing product waste of beer

The company has managed to blend  30,000 liters of ethanol with petrol. The ethanol was extracted from 58,000 liters of leftover yeast slurry. 300,000 liters of Brewtroleum was produced successfully

The biofuel  results in 8 % less emissions thereby reducing pollution. brewtroleum is now available at 50 pumps across newzeland & is called as DB export bretroleum

The work done by BBDO was handed the outdoor grandprix at cannes 2016. The campaign was communicated at outdoor level innovatively by branding petroleum trucks & petrol lumps thereby breaking normal clutter of marketing campaigns.The gulf petrol signage was completely changed to new signage. The campaign educated  consumers of the new petrol product and offered discounts when beer was purchased in store.

The activation lead to  PR ,news and Social Media buzz, with DB Export’s sales dramatically increasing, resulting in over 8.6 million beers sold during  the campaign.

drink beer,save the world

So next time some one asks you to stop drinking beer ,you know what to do…….


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