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Event Management & Planning

What is event management?

Event management is the overall process of using business management, organizational skills & tools to coordinate, plan & execute events. Event management involves large scale & small scale events like conventions, business meetings, sports events, festivals, large parties, concerts, trade shows, festivals, ceremonies and reunions.

Event management encompasses finding the target audience, framing the event concept, scheduling the overall logistics of the event and steering project management of the event as a whole including managing the teams of people responsible for each function, the budget, and overseeing the execution of the event. The person who manage the event is called event manager. These event managers also supervise the services of all external vendors and others, which includes event planners.

What are roles of an Events Manager?

An event manager starts planning an event by meeting with the client and elicits information about the client’s vision of the event. He and the client develops an event budget for the event. Once the budget is fixed, the concept of event is frozen, vendor enrolments are done and obtaining of necessary permissions, permits and insurance happens.

Specific responsibilities of an event manager may include:

  • Selecting venues
  • Coordination with outside vendors
  • Engaging speakers or entertainment
  • Arranging for transportation and parking
  • Obtaining necessary permits and appropriate insurance
  • Responsibility for compliance with health and safety standards
  • Devising emergency contingency plans
  • Crisis and situation management at event
  • Designing a security plan
  • Overall Monitoring of the Event

This list is not complete. Depending upon the scope of the event, the job responsibilities may vary.

Event Management Software:How do they help?

An event manager is supposed to see the big picture & small picture. Big picture needs to be completed in stages & smaller tasks. However, no matter how skilled you are, there is a limit to what your brain can remember, communicate, and facilitate. But whatever be the skillset you possess, there is a limit to what you can remember, communicate & facilitate. That is where the event management softwares come in.They help facilitate the whole process & make it easier

Here are some free event management softwares that you can look at

1)Google Drive

Google Drive has documents, folders, and spreadsheets to manage and collaborate on content and ideas>


Whova’s All-in-One Solution makes your life easier by helping you save your time, efforts, and even cost. Whova, helps in whole event cyle from event registrationonsite event check-inlive polling, event marketing to the mobile event app which boosts attendee engagement and networking.

Event Management software


Asana is quickly gaining traction as a strong project management tool. According to users, Asana seamlessly integrates project management and task management, among any sized team. In addition to a powerful web application, it also has a useful smartphone app. Best of all, it even has a free version. Also, Asana is very helpful for both the big picture task management view, as well as narrowing in on the details.

Event Management software-Asana software


This is another tool more on “to do “& “done task” approach more on the lines of project management. It has a strong visual interface, simple usability & collaboration features

While communication inside Trello is strong, it’s not that powerful in case of whole picture as it does not let a viewer to see larger picture only a task by task view

Event Management software-Trello

5) Planning Pod

Planning Pod is another tool which was created specifically for planning an event. You can manage multiple events within the application, keep track of contracts, proposals, finances and invoices, which none of the other software does.


This is Excel with a bit more power, Smartsheet is for you. It is called, “Spreadsheets on steroids”. There are powerful spreadsheets such as live collaboration abilities and communication tools.

Event Management software-smartsheet


This is less project management, and more communication. Slack is less project management & more about team communication. If you’ve got a huge team, Slack’s a great way to share and discuss ideas. The mobile app is very useful for busy and on-the-go event organizers and teams. Best of all, Slack’s basic level is free, indefinitely.


Basecamp is the called grandfather of the modern project management software. Developed in 2004, it’s been going strong ever since. Though not glamorous, it’s still a great way to manage projects and tasks as well as share files. Here the communication and collaboration tools aren’t quite as extensive as other software on the system, still it helps in tracking task progress.

Event Management Software-Basecamp

These are list of software that you can use to plan your event.Always keep in mind that it’s not the software quality but its fit to your personal & team’s work style that matters

What does an Event Planner do?

In very simple terms, while event managers manage the event as a whole and event planners plan the event. Event planners may manage separate components of the event planning process. They work together to coordinate for ensuring a successful event.

Event planners may have different job titles, but the core function remains event management. When you work in event management, you’ll be involved in planning, executing and evaluating corporate, association, nonprofit, government and social events.

They will need to put in long and non-traditional hours to plan and execute all kind of events like seminars, conferences, trade shows, executive retreats, incentive programs, golf events, conventions, and other programs.

Successful event planners develop the following skills:

  • Good Verbal and written communications
  • Organization and time management
  • Project management and multitasking
  • Self-starter and team player
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office applications
  • Detail and deadline oriented
  • Calm under pressure
  • Negotiation
  • Budget management
  • Staff management
  • Marketing and public relations
  • Interpersonal skills with all levels of management
  • Multi-tasking and thinking on your feet

How to get started as an event planner

Starting a career as an event planner can look difficult to start with. With a concrete action plan and by taking small steps on a weekly basis, you can acquire the skills and knowledge needed to be an event planner.

Here are five steps to getting started:

  • Get ready to spend some time with a non-profit organization or another business like a catering company, florist, event designer, or another event planner.
  • If you’re already with an event company, take on more responsibility. By showing your knowledge and value, you will get more responsibilities.
  • Start to network. As you get to know more people and the develop more relationships you develop in the industry, it will be easier to build your event planning career.
  • Make an event portfolio to showcase your expertise and knowledge.
  • Increase your circle of influence by developing relationships with other event planners, outside vendors or partners, caterers, musicians or media personalities.

Still not confident  about your event plan check this event planning guide

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