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Creating Buzz out of National hype: paytm,kejriwal story

How to create Buzz out of national Hype: paytm,kejriwal story

8/11/2016 was a unforgettable day for most Indians & it will remain to be.A sudden PM message to the nation was followed by frenzy to ATMs & chaos.Many became poor overnight & many left wondering what to do
The category which stands to benefit from whole drama was online category of plastic money. Paytm, India’s largest mobile payments entity and commerce platform, put PM Narendra Modi on its ad, the next morning after the demonetization announcement on 8th. According to Paytm there has been a colossal growth of 25 percent of its business within hours of PM Modi’s announcement. It seems this might be the tipping point for this category to explode.Paytm moved up fast & grabbed the advantage when it was opportune

Paytm :Brand Relevance

It was more about brand relevance for paytm to come out next day & associate strongly with the category & get in top of mind of the also ran social media campaigns which highlighted why paytm is thr wayforward for india

paytm,kejriwal story

paytm PR


Arvind kejriwal:Buzz Creator

While all this was happening it was time for arvind kejriwal to “make the hay while sun shines”

So he jumped in to make buzz & try to build his brand. Brand kejriwal was always built on concept of becoming the strong enemy to a powerful brand. He was always taking potshots at Modi to try scaling up to latter’s growing popularity.he tweeted

“Paytm biggest beneficiary of PM’s announcement. Next day PM appears in its ads. Whats the deal, Mr PM? ”
Utterly shameful. Do people want their PM to model for pvt cos? Tomo, if these cos do wrongdoings, who will act against them?
@Vijayshekhar, the Paytm founder tweeted

Dear Sir, The biggest beneficiary is our country. We are just a tech startup, trying to solve financial inclusion & make India proud.

So both of these are good examples of creating buzz out of national hype to keep the brand flying
What it does for paytm,kejriwal is not a tough one to figure out !
So what do you think

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