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Top Brands In India

Here is the list of 50 Top brands in India as per BrandZ 2017 Study

Top brands in India

Brands which were in position 25-50 as below

Top brands in India(25-50)

Key Findings

  • The Brand value of top 50 brands in india grew by 20 % to reach $109 billion in a year hit by demonetization showing the power of brands
  • All But 5 Top 50 brands increased in brand value with telecom/Entertainment leading the pack followed by financial & automobiles segment
  • Six of seven newcomers into the list are indian brands
  • Brands Invested more into digitial media which led in the media spending habits

Top Brands in India -Categories

Top Brands In India-Categories

Top brands in india is evenly distributed among the 5 categories:Financial, Automotive,Telecom/Entertainment, Foods & Other.Telecomsand entertainment lead in value creation among the categories.In Terms of Value Quotient, which is a measure of brand health: food & drink brands scored the best where as financial brands showed to be weak.Strong in terms of value quotient will make these brands more resilent in market volatility

Top Brands In India-New Entrants

Top Brands In India-New Entries

The highest ranking newcomer is Jio which has disrupted the telecom space last year with freebies.DMart also provided value to customers by providing low cost fast turning items.They opened a lot of stores in western india.Sun Network & DishTV illustrates rapid  change in TV consumption habits in india.Whirlpool primarly known for washing machines expanded portfolio & contnued to grow despit of low cost indian brands.Bajaj Allianz & canara bank grew in financial space despite of a bad financial year on account of demonetization

Jio, Dish TV and Sun TV demonstrates changing consumer habits of indians in using their mobile screens to downloading data & view  rapidly expanding content

Top Brands in India-Top Risers

Top Brands In India-Top Risers

Life Insurance stiory of ICICI prudential shows the growing demand for insurance as the rapidly growing indian middle class seeks to grow wealth and secure their families. Maggi has rebounded from its bad times.Royal enfield benefited from renewed customer interest in powerful motorcycles.Maruti seems to be moving in the right direction with its NEXA showrooms and finally seems to be adding status and innovation as consideration drivers.TVS Stuck to basics of economy & scooter segment & grew its value over 50 % last year

With a total of 6 brands out of top ten from automobile category,the segment dominated showing the rise this category last year

Top Brands In India-Love

Top Brands In India-Love

Love is the affinity that customer develops for a brand which shows purpose, demonstrates innovation,communicates effectively & delivers a superb experience

Maggi Showed a rebound from the bad couple of years it had with its share of controversies.Whatsapp the tech co followed along with britannia. The list has 5 tech companies showing the growing influence of technology in our life.Amazon in less than 5 years seems to have integrated themselves with indian culture & overtaken indian counterpart flipkart.Uber also adapted and overtook indian counterpart Ola


Brandz follows a unique model where they use both financial value and brand contribution to arrive at brand Peels away layers like price ,availabilty & distribution to arrive at the intangible asset of brand that resides in the mind of customers

Financial value is corporate earnings earned by each brand.It also calculates the future earnings of the brand.

Brand contribution measures 3 aspects of brands:Meaningful(combination of emotional and rational affinity),Different(feeling of different in the category to customer),Salient(Top of Mind while making category purchase).it measures the purchase volume & extra price premium of these brand associations.


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