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Samsung Ad-has everyone weeping

This Samsung Ad has Everyone weeping

Samsung India seems to have got it right this time around. By telling a simple story woven around a simple plot it seems to have brought out a masterpiece Ad.

A woman’s TV has broken down & she wants calls up Samsung to replace it. The Samsung person reaches across Himalayas to reach the place & is moved by the fact that he has given meaning to lot of blind children’s lives

It’s not about 535 vans that samsung claims it has around India to service the customers, but the intrinsic happiness that brings out in the Samsung engineer that makes it a touching ad. The Ad has crossed over 4 Crore views on youtube & will surely move you

Many admitted to goosebumps, shakes and sniffles after seeing the ad. If you’re not moved by this work, I suggest you go to see a doctor or move away from your screen, get out into the world to rediscover your soul out there.

Sometimes, it’s the very simplest things that matter the most.

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