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pepsi & milk

Milk and Pepsi together along with Sachin Tendulkar

Milk and Pepsi with Sachin

Milk and Pepsi & looks like a unlikely combo. But it’s true.

Pepsico has ventured into Indian dairy market,one of the toughest for a foreign multinational to break into. Pepsico has extended  their Quaker Oats brand to ready-to-drink milk. PepsiCo has been selling dairy products in some markets elsewhere in the world, but it has so far stayed away from the business in India.  Also Master Blaster and PepsiCo are coming together after a decade again to start  this brand new innings in what is supposed to be a deal other than normal sponsorship affair

pepsi & milk

“PepsiCo and Sachin’s company will jointly develop a pipeline of nutrition-based products. Sachin will bring in critical inputs in the areas of fitness, hydration and research and development of nutrition-based foods and beverages. It’s a value-added, grain-based, fibre-fortified dairy beverage that is targeted to cater to the nutrition needs of breakfast. This product addresses the nutrition needs of the Millennials who are hard-pressed for time, and those of the young Indian consumer” PepsiCo VP (nutrition) Deepika Warrier said

PepsiCo will initially sell two flavours of Quaker Oats Milk, in 180ml on-the-go cartons priced at Rs30, and will market them in India’s top cities and towns. PepsiCo said the product uses the patented global ‘soluOats’ technology to blend milk with the oats.

This is PepsiCo’s third launch in 2017 under its nutrition banner: The other two are Tropicana Essentials fruit and vegetable fortified juices, and ready to cook Quaker Nutri Foods breakfast options, such as idli and dosa mixes.

Liquefy Innovations LLP, the firm promoted by India’s cricketing deity, would get a licence fee as part of the long-term arrangement, which would harness Tendulkar’s vast experience on the nutrition and PepsiCo’s product development capabilities to build a range of healthy products aimed

Lets hope this unlikely combo of milk and pepsi becomes sucessful

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