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iPhone-Practically magic

Apple broke a pair of iPhone 7 Ads during the Emmy Awards on Sunday night, advertising the with a new line “Practically magic.” The spots push two improvements in particular,the camera’s upgraded abilities in low light, and the phone’s overall new water resistance.

First of the ads is a 60-second spot (from TBWA\Media Arts Lab) which, appropriately enough, features some of the best lighting we’ve seen in a commercial in some time. The plot features a skateboarder who goes for a midnight ride, snapping pics all along the way ; everything from moths around a lightbulb to a deer strolling around a gas station. The spot also hints a little at the phone’s water resistance, as the hero takes moves through some lawn sprinklers. The music is “In a Black Out” by Hamilton Leithauser and Rostam, and it’s one of those tracks that people will seek out just from the commercial.

The second  30 spot, produced in-house by Apple, focuses directly on the water resistance, featuring a cyclist at dawn getting ready for a soaking ride in the rain. He’s confident enough that the iPhone won’t wither like a witch in water that he straps it to the front of his bike to gauge his progress.

The music is “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC.

My review:-

Apple seems to be fighting a lot of internal & external battles  after era of steve jobs& Ads certainly show the same. The first ad shot completely in black is unlike any of colourful ads shot earlier. There is a departure from earlier brand imagery style of advertising to a product led it the margin pressures that are taking a toll on one of  the best brands of modern times?

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