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Diwali Gifts to Light up your festive season

Diwali Gift Ideas to light up your festive season

Diwali is one of the most anticipated festivals of the year. There is lots of happiness around is time of showing your love and appreciation towards your loved ones by gifting them

Picking gifts for near and dear can be a tiresome task. I  have made a list of 11 such diwali gift ideas that could make your Diwali more special

1.LED Candles

Say goodbye to the conventional oil diyas and change to this new gen diya’s. These battery operated LED candle lights look very similar to their traditional counterparts. But if you take a closer look they are flameless and safe.

But if you still feel you need to go the traditional way, here is a traditional one for you.

2. . Hanging Candle light holder

This Diwali grab a pocket friendly lantern to spice up your garden decor. Its great appearance will make any garden standout.

This lantern is made of iron and thus, will become a part of your decor for a long time. Moreover, it comes with a wooden shelf giving it a more sophisticated look. This awesome gift set comes with a lantern, wooden shelf and one candle. So get this one and light up your world this diwali.

3. Reusable Candle Holder

This wonderful product is going to save you a lot of time and energy. No more cleaning the mess of wax stains and burnt out candles, post-Diwali.

Now you can make your candles last till infinity. Also with all the melted wax gets collected in the plastic holder below and voila! you have another candle to light. This product is a one-time investment and saves you from the hassle of replacing it with a new one every other day.

4. Electric Ceramic Buddha

A great smelling home is everyone’s favourite and when it’s done through all things natural then its cherry on top. This ceramic Buddha looks like a normal decor but it much more than that.

 It has a cavity for lighting a tea light and just above it is the oil burner. So, it’s time to say goodbye to those artificial room fresheners and sprays. You can use this as purifier and home decor. Spread festive spirits around with this wonderful gift.

5. Diwali Mithai

Diwali is mithai season and you will love to share these with your friends. These mithai toppers will be the perfect additions to your Diwali party or any other festive occasion. Impress your guests with unique sweet decoration or place them on desserts, snacks as you please.These toppers will add fun, excitement and colours to the festive mood

Kuch meetha ho jaye!

6. Laxmiidol

Looking for the perfect traditional gift?As evening is kickstarted with Lakshmi and ganesh Pooja,here is your perfect gift

This one gives you a classic antique look and comes with a diya.Also the intricate metal stand can be put up anywhere and can be a great showpiece.So get this rightaway

7.Akhand Diya

Create a meditative and peaceful ambiance in your puja room with the Borosil Akhand Diya. The Borosil medium diya is very attractive and worth purchasing for personal use or for gifting purposes. This is extremely durable and crack resistant, which allows you to use it with ease on a daily basis.This does not get heated after long hours of burning and is an excellent pick for your festive season

8. Dry Fruit Hamper 


Looking at something which will stay for some time, Look no further than dry fruits

This beautiful dryfruit hamper contains cashews, almonds,figs,dried apricots,sun-driedkiwis and papaya.All these are vacuum packed and nitrogen flushed to keep it fresh

9.Pooja Thali

Make your mother’s festive season more divine by gifting a Pooja thali.
The swastika mark holds high religious significance in the hindu culture and hence this poojathali is special, including all the pooja items and hence are amazing to be considered when giving anyone a silver plated gift. It  also Comes With An Attractive Designer Corrugated Box

Overall a great gift

10.Sky Lantern

Light up your night sky this festive season with this bunch of attractive lanterns .When lit up these go up like colourful balloons into the sky.This diwali throwaway crackers and go for this eco friendly stuff


This Festive Seasons gift this exquisite metal toran as a gift to your dear ones. It is believed that if this is put up at the entrance of the home or office it keeps away evil and negative energies and brings in good luck.

Also, this has a longer lifespan than the traditional floral toran. Let this gift of yours enlighten to the decor of others on the auspicious occasion .

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