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marketing in age of corona

Marketing in the age of social distancing

With over 90% of people around the world in home lockdown, let’s look at good and the awkward side of marketing during social distancing

These are exceedingly annoying times for marketers. Product launches are going nowhere, movie theatres , malls, restaurants are closed, streets look empty and travel has come to a halt. Yet, this also provides an extraordinary opportunity for marketers to engage with their consumers. As people get stuck up either at home or quarantined zones, brands have a never before opportunity of captive audiences for their television commercials, digital campaigns and social media messages.

Many brands are saying the right things, some are doing extraordinary things while a few have put their foot in their mouth.

1)Coca cola

Time square




5) Nike

6) Pidilite

Missed the bus

There are some brands who missed the bus


Suprised to see but HUL seems to have missed the bus twice

First, it was by hike of prices , which led to huge backlash online and had to be reversed

Second was through handwash ad invoking fear to sell their product.Fear works in insurance category always, but does not work in such tough times

8)Arihant Mattress

Plain opportunism

Way Forward

Brands will need to step up and share the load of the society like lifebuoy paytm tieup for a crowdfunding campaign to donate sanitisers and soaps to domestic workers and the disadvantaged

Zomato, on its app, had a notification that if consumers wanted to maintain social distance, it had a provision for the delivery person to leave the packet at the door via special instructions. It has also added a message on washing hands before eating

Brands will need to understand that these are testing times when a deed out of place can push sentiments against them. Senstivity, response and giving back to society is the need of the hour that can win unshakeable loyalty

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