Light Your Diwali With The Best Diwali Ads Of 2022

Every Diwali, we get to see some great ads. A look at the best Diwali ads of 2022 that made an impact on us with their unique approach and concept

1)JKCement WallMaxX #AndarSeSundar

JK Cement encourages us to celebrate the ones who improve our homes and lives with this touching Ad.
A Family is getting ready for their first Diwali in their new house by getting it painted. But their plans go haywire when they face labor issues. The painter promises to finish the work by Diwali. He completes work on time but misses his train to reach the village for Diwali. The family repays it by getting flight tickets done for him. The emotional quotient makes this 3 min ad very watchable till the end.
This ad is my winner for the 2022

2) Tanishq Naye Milestone Wali Pehli Diwali

Tanishq celebrates this Diwali season scores with people who dare to carve a new path.

When you craft the way for a Nayi Shuruat, the ones dear to you inevitably become a part of it. A Nayi Shuruat that beautifully turns into not just your story but also the ones around you. These stories hold the power to strengthen your bond and become your reason for a magnificent celebration.

Chase your dreams and give them your all to bring them to life. Nayi Shuruat is an inspiration and a reason for a grand celebration.

Nayi Shuruat kiĀ #PehliDiwali

3)Coca-Cola | Follow the bottle

Coca-cola has always been a brand that celebrates togetherness and love. Their latest ad for Diwali does just that – it encourages us to celebrate with our loved ones and to enjoy the season of light. Coke has always been a part of our lives, and its ads always bring a smile to our faces. This particular ad is exceptional because it captures the essence of Diwali. It’s a time to come together and celebrate


A boy misses his family during Diwali as he is traveling by train. He not only missed his family but also felt the loneliness that comes with being away from home during the holidays. The boy in the story was able to find joy in his situation by joining another family and celebrating with them. He thus lights up his Diwali.

So these were my picks for 2022 Diwali Ads. Did you find any other exciting ads this season?

Do let me know

Image by Creative_hat on Freepik

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