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10 irritating indian TV ads

10 Most Irritating Indian TV Ads Ever

Here is list of most irriating ads that has been shown on indian TV screens

1) Relaxo Chappals

Example of how brands forcefit products & make people who see the ads look dumb

2) 18 Again

A Niche product,a convoluted story & old woman logging in to be a virgin, does it get more irritating than this

3) IIN-idea internet network

Idea was always a brand appealing to rural india,but concept stretched too far was story of IIN


This one appears very rude & irritating on the pretext of showing product usage


The use of product & context makes for a real dumb & irritating ad

6)JK Super Cement

Engineering is about buildings & So JK cement is hardest thing,what an idea & lack of thought


Khushiyon ki gurantee by Lloyd AC, taking something which is not only your USP & making a dumb story makes this also to this coveted list

8) The Dr Fixit LW+

I guess this has to be really a case of overconfidence from product or ad agency to come up with such dumb concepts which look silly on screen

9)Alpenliebe Chocolate Eclairs

The Use of Bengali, use of product & background songs all make it a real horrible one


Typical Stereotyping, plus copying styles & looks of katy perry & irritating BG Score makes this also in top 10 list


What do you feel about thes 10 most irritating indian tvads,which according to you is the worst ever?

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