10 Most Irritating Indian TV Ads Ever

Here is list of most irriating ads that has been shown on indian TV screens

1) Relaxo Chappals

Example of how brands forcefit products & make people who see the ads look dumb

2) 18 Again

A Niche product,a convoluted story & old woman logging in to be a virgin, does it get more irritating than this

3) IIN-idea internet network

Idea was always a brand appealing to rural india,but concept stretched too far was story of IIN


This one appears very rude & irritating on the pretext of showing product usage


The use of product & context makes for a real dumb & irritating ad

6)JK Super Cement

Engineering is about buildings & So JK cement is hardest thing,what an idea & lack of thought


Khushiyon ki gurantee by Lloyd AC, taking something which is not only your USP & making a dumb story makes this also to this coveted list

8) The Dr Fixit LW+

I guess this has to be really a case of overconfidence from product or ad agency to come up with such dumb concepts which look silly on screen

9)Alpenliebe Chocolate Eclairs

The Use of Bengali, use of product & background songs all make it a real horrible one


Typical Stereotyping, plus copying styles & looks of katy perry & irritating BG Score makes this also in top 10 list


What do you feel about thes 10 most irritating indian tvads,which according to you is the worst ever?

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