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Tubelight:-7 reasons why tubelight became a big flop!

One thing that everyone will agree is that salman khan has been in the  biggest star in Bollywood for last decade.Post-Dabbang in 2010 ,Actor resurged from no where to become a cult phenomenon in Bollywood like Rajnikanth for Tamilnadu.His last movie Sultan took him to another league.That is why the failure of Tubelight is going to take some time for him to digest

Tubelight Costs V/s collection Analysis


Production Cost: 80 cr
P&A: 20 cr
Total: 100 cr


All India Theatrical Rights: 134 cr
Satellite and Digital Rights: 92 cr
Music Rights: 20 cr
Overseas Rights: 38 cr

Box Office collections:

Total: 109 crore till 7th July the second friday

life time collections could be like 115 crore

Movie will not recover its money in India as well as overseas. Distributors are going to lose a huge amount as the recovery could be less than 70 crores. Some of the individual distributors may have lose their lifetime income  and some will have to shut down their business. In overseas, things are worse as the lifetime collection will not even touch $10 million.


Lets analyse reasons behind the fall of Tubelight

1)Out of his comfort zone:-

Salman was clearly out of his comfort zone as an actor.He was spreading love instead of bashing up & entertaining which seems to be the mainstay of the salman brand of movies.His Core fanbase was severely disappointed with the movie which led to its fall

2)Very Poor Story line & Screenplay:-
The story line was one of weakest to come out.Casting salman into a small boy’s role was a big mistake. A lifeless script, monotonous scenes, insipid dialogues, and lack of drama all contributed to making the film a wholly tedious affair.

3) Neither Mass nor class:-

After succeeding in different roles in Sultan & Bajrangi Bhaijaan, this time it seems the attempt was to make a completely different Salman Khan film. But it ended up stuck between a commercial and a new fresh outlook. It did not have a mindless masala moment like a Bodyguard or a Ready, nor did it offer something fresh and smart like a Bajrangi Bhaijaan or Sultan. It angered both his diehard fans who love his mass antics – and the neutral metro audience who expected a fresh storyline from him

4) Poor Characterization:-

The Movie seemed to suffer from Bajrangi Bhaijaan overdose.None of characters including one played by salman were being liked After a point Audience were bored & didn’t care how their journey panned out. Even the Cute little kid, Matin Rey Tangu, came across as a poor man’s Munni

5.) Poor Music:-

Most Salman films boast of good music which adds to buzz. Other than Radio song which had a small impact, none of other songs had a small impact on the audience.This impacted the film’s theatrical business as the hype was not generated like a sultan or bhajrangi bhaijaan.

6.) Lackluster Trailer:-

Perhaps the biggest reason for Tubelight’s below par performance at the box-office is its poorly received trailer. The trailer couldn’t excite the audience as it showed in first-day collection.Normal salman movie was expected to open above 30 cr but it opened at only 20.75 Cr which is a dampener for a salman opener

7)Baahubali & Dangal Factor:-
Bollywood will never be same after Baahubali & to a certain extent Dangal. The standards of movie making & quality of Bollywood movies needs to change if it needs to match up with expectations of the audience.The older me too kind of movies may no longer bring in the same kind of returns
Baahubali crossed 1500 crores whereas Dangal crossed 2000 crores to become the fifth-highest grossing non-English language film of all time. The game has changed.Salman the mass brand is far behind in his collections which will be hard for the mass brand to fathom in & his fans to comprehend with. Salman is not the number one anymore and that is a hard reality unless he comes up with something new next time to change that

Tubelight-7 reasons why it became a big flop

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