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Learn How to Master Google Ads for Beginners and Experts

1.700,00 د.إ

  1. Introduction + Log In to Google Ads

  2. Set Up the First Campaign

  3. Create Campaign Structure

  4. Ad Group Set Up and Keyword Research

  5. Practice Assessment

  6. Creating Ads

  7. Google Ads Dashboard

  8. Enhanced Explanations and Supplementary Resource

  9. Tools and Settings

  10. Ad and Campaign Optimization

  11. Cumulative Challenge



Having a business is a great accomplishment for many people, and they strive to be competitive. There is an ever-growing list of competitors, and business owners and managers have to brainstorm new ideas daily to remain relevant and obtain new customers. This onlineĀ  Marketing course will teach you all about Google Ads which is not only a great way to attract new customers, but it also enables more traffic to your website. Google is a medium which attracts users with very high intent and hence is a medium which you shouldn’t miss



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