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Apple on instagram

Apple on Instagram

While most companies have been on  twitter and Facebook for years, Apple has remained largely silent & preferred to be idle

It never tweeted from official @apple Twitter page. It has a Facebook page, but it’s blank.  Apple has a large social presence for Apple Music on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, seeing the value there, given the multimedia strengths of the platforms. It also has a presence for Apple support in social.

Two days back finally, the flagship Apple brand joined Instagram. It will surely attract lots of followers in the coming days, but to start with, the move is  simply to extend an existing ad campaign—“Shot on iPhone,” which has been running since 2015 to the medium.

Much as the “Shot on iPhone” billboards, print ads and video spots do, the @apple Instagram account will feature content captured by iPhone users, curated by Apple. Each post is credited back to the Instagram account of its creator. To start, Apple has made eight posts, each of which feature content from five users—so, 40 users overall.

It also posted this film announcing the new account:

Shot on iPhone” obviously does have a community element at its core, in its celebration of user creativity.  But it’s  a risk free kind of campaign.

Whether Apple will ever really take the full social media plunge and build something engaging with social at the core, rather than just do school kids stuff is that something everyone is looking upto

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