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Brand story over top of mind awareness

Why focus on brand story over top of mind awareness?

I was a child of the doordarshan (indian govt channel) era. We used to have a  TV with 4 channels but there was only one channel with broadcaster doordarshan. We knew every programme that was played in TV by heart. Ads used to be a source of entertainment. Ad jingles of that time have become everlasting memories. Hamara bajaj, Amul wonderful doodh, washing powder nirma,ezee ka bulb,hamdad ka tonic cinkara ,vicks ki goli lo,lalitha bhabhi of surf excel or ever loving “mile sur mera tumhara” all these still linger over my mind.In those days brands used to be about a logo and a communicating your product. The brand with largest amount of money used to win by sheer frequency. Move over to today, I don’t remember seeing any ads between any TV programmes. All ads  today give me a choice to move to a different channel or check social media message on my mobile.This brings up the question whether top of mind awareness is still relevant or is it how your brandstory resonates with customer

During the fast few years seeing lots of brand like Kodak, sony lose traction, I began to wonder what makes brands relevant in modern era. What determines success of a brand in today’s digital era.It was becoming clear that significance & not dominance is becoming the major factor for brands now. Instagram, Amazon, starbucks were built around the same  theme. It’s just not only about branding but how you tell your story that makes you relevant for your customer.

What is your brand story

Your brand story is not your catchy tagline that is put up on your billboard. it’s the very essence of you as a brand, your foundation &  your growth strategy.

Brand story example

Story is about how starbucks made a new coffee category above it’s competitors.It aimed to be the third place(social setting away from home & office).Every element of starbucks from their design of furniture to language in their menu supports their mission.

Why Focus on brand story over top of mind awareness?

The frigthening truth is that no more having the the best product with best of features will guarantee sucess.Unlike what we were taught in school it ‘s not enough to be the best.The advantage you have today will last only till someone makes a better product.So the  job of crafting and telling story is as much important as making your product.customer does not buy you because you are good they buy you because you make them feel

Today customer has option of selecting message he wants to see & share it with his peers. And they have power of mobiles to share what they like. So go ahead make a good compelling story. Rise above your competitors by showing to your customer how better your product can enrich his life.Customer today

People don’t want to buy a quarter inch drill.They want a quarter inch hole                –Theodore Levitt

So understand your brand & make a great brand story around it

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