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How to find mobile apps quick from your Android phone

Looking to open an app between your office hours, but can’t find it. Frustrated, you keep looking through 3-4 screens to finally land on the app that you need. Sounds familiar….!The hacks Iam going to tell you will save at least 10 minutes of your time everyday by helping you to find mobile apps quick.Let’s jump in

 We are all fond of our mobile phones.They connect us, entertain us, and make us productive. As per a study, an average person spends 2 hours 51 minutes – a whopping 12 % on the mobile phone every day. Most of this time is spent interacting with apps. So,Let’s look at how to open any app faster

There are two ways to approach this


Go to your android home screen.Open the Google search bar, here you will see two options, either you can type your app name or do a voice search. Clicking the microphone button and naming the app will open it.

find mobile apps quick from your Android phone

Alternatively, just type the app name and it will open below as shown.

find mobile apps quick from your Android phone
find mobile apps quick from your Android phone


Another option is to do a cleanup of all apps and sort them in folders. Just like we do sort our clothes and put them into wardrobes, maintain various folders that you can open in a click.

To do this, make a list of apps categories that you need-shopping, cabs, food, entertainment, finance, etc. Select any app in the category and move on top of the second app.

Here, I want to sort Udemy and Lynda into one app. I move lynda app on top of udemy so that it automatically becomes a folder and the folder gets automatically renamed as education.

Now you can easily move other apps into this folder. Repeat this for all apps and your phone will become neat and well stacked .Thereby you can find mobile apps quick and get rolling

Practice these hacks and add some extra minutes every day into your life to do the things you love the most.

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