Best Diwali Ads 2019- Top Ads of diwali 2019-Not to be Missed

Every Diwali we get to see some wonderful ads. A look at top ads this diwali that made an impact on consumers with its unique approach and concept


Samsonite wins it this Diwali season. In this touching ad, a mother complains to her son who won’t make it back home for Diwali. Two children send a selfie to their father, who is working on the festival. A newlywed celebrates her first Diwali after her marriage on a flight. And a ticket collector works on a train full of people travelling home.

These group of people- a bus driver, an air hostess, a cab driver and a ticket collector represent thousands more who work on the festival so millions other can complete their Diwali ka safar.

This moving ad urges viewers to wish them a happy Diwali and thank them to make their festival a little sweeter.

 Youtube hits:2.6 Million

2) Vivo India #HarDilRoshan

Vivo scores with this Ad which highlights social inequality and effects on even small children also.

Aman from a poor back ground and Dhruv a good background are best of friends. While Aman wants to take diwali pic with dhruv, he is removed from the frame and asked to take the pic making and dhruv upset. Aman understands that dhruv’s father gives his father money and not sweets as sweets are given for friends.

The Ad urges viewers to think if we need to celebrate Diwali with people who matter to our daily life rather than just friends

Youtube hits:47 Million

3)Project Streedhan #Investiniron

An interesting take on anaemic deficiency in women, this ad urges women to stop investing in gold and invest in iron for themselves this Diwali. This superb way of blending a social message into a festive occasion ad makes it a clear winner

Youtube Hits:2 Million

4) Vodafone #YourWordsNotForwards

The vodafone diwali ad shows grandmother teaching her grandson how to wish others on diwali. Clutter breaking and touches the heart in an era where everyone forwards messages on Diwali. True to the spirit of brand which has created many wonderful ads in the past

Youtube hits:32 Million

5) Coca-Cola #HarRishtaRoshan

This Ad has Ranbir Kapoor pulling Paresh Rawal’s leg and brings in light the uncommonly common bond shared between landlord and tenant. Adding more flavours to the festive mood makes this commercial an instant hit.

Youtube hits:4.6 Million

6) Sabhyata #CelebrateAChange

Sabhyata brings a twist to saas bahu tale and has a unpredictable end to it which makes it interesting for the viewers. Jatin Sarna of sacred games fame brings in the much needed attention. The overall theme of the ad to share household responsibilities is a win-win

How did  you like my picks, do let me know your feedback

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