Best Diwali Ads 2018-5 Top Ads of diwali 2018-Not to be Missed

Time to declare the winners of Best diwali ads 2018


This Swiggy ad shows the right spirit of celebrating diwali.Ad starts with little boy going to all doors to wish and collect gifts and in the end giving gift back to swiggy delivery boy showing the real spirit of diwali


By Integrating The theme of meetha into celebration , Ad shows how
a new couple uses the sweets to get talking into a tough old man

Kuch acha ho jaaye Kuch meetha ho jaaye

Lot of Diwali flavour,slight humour and good theme makes it a great diwali ad


Big bazaar brought in a new perspective of people stuck in trains on diwali.Strangers celebrating diwali together pulling the right emotional chords

2)#LookUp this Diwali

Vodafone took on a new trend of digitally celebrating diwali and asked people to go back in time and be undigital to celebrate

This Diwali, look up and come together for real,”
It’s rare that a company urges people to use less of its own product, and made this one stand out amongst this year’s diwali ads


1)HP-Umeed ki diya

Looking at diwali from a kid’s perspective the ad shows how kid uses the product to help the road side seller sell her diyas

The spot starts with reminding us how we forgot the diyas & instead started enjoying digital diwali

The Boy after being not allowed by his mom to pick diya returns next day to buy diya .He finds that the roadside amma is unable to sell her diya’s

He decides to help her out by using HP printer to print amma’s ad across the locality

Message is

AMMA ki diwali happy banao

Jao unse diya le lo

thereby helps her in finishing her diya’s

Excellent product placement along with the festive spirit of diwali pushes this to No 1 diwali spot this year

Top 5 Diwali Ads 2018


How did  you like my picks, do let me know your feedback

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